Our vision is centred on settling the case in order to maximize our clients’ net outcome.

Labour Law

Since our office was founded in 1987, we have taken on numerous cases involving unjust dismissal, mainly for employees. Our vision is centred on settling the case in order to maximize our clients’ net outcome.

The type of issue that most frequently arises is the amount of severance pay (notice of termination/length of sick leave) and other conditions linked to the termination of an employment contract, either through a layoff or a dismissal.

Moreover, we are active in litigation files involving duties of loyalty (unfair practices) and non-competition obligations, for employers who are victims of employees seeking to illegally compete with them as well as for employees who are the victim of abusive legal actions or those based on excessive non-competition clauses.

We also have the expertise necessary to take on cases within the framework of available legal actions resulting from the respect of the provisions of the Employment Standards Act, especially claims for unpaid wages (including overtime and holidays), a dismissal for an absence due to illness or for family or parental reasons, or for psychological harassment which the law defines as vexatious behaviour which manifests itself as deportment, repeated words, actions or gestures which are hostile or unwanted, thereby violating the dignity or the psychological or physical integrity of the salaried employee, resulting in a hostile workplace for the latter.

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