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“Patience is much more powerful than force.” Plutarch


For more than 30 years, Me Alain Barrette has been a practicing lawyer in the areas of litigation, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Inheritance Law, etc. A litigant in front of a wide variety of instances, including the Supreme Court of Canada, handling major cases for high-profile clients, Me Alain Barrette is renowned for winning the causes he champions.

He attentively analyzes the whys and wherefores of each and every component of the situation at hand. His awe-inspiring patience and his unwavering spirit and tenacity allow him to take on complex cases whose issues he exposes through the unearthing of logical solutions, always with his client’s best interests in mind.

Ever since beginning his practice, Me Alain Barrette has been attracted by not only the logic required for the understanding of the Law and the legal system, but especially by the significance of resolving tangible and human issues. These facets of the Law endow the lawyer, who finds himself at the centre of negotiations and tribunals, with a fundamental role to enact.

Renowned for his composure, fulfilling his commitments and for his sound methodology, Me Alain Barrette is the right person for letting you know exactly where you stand.

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