Investing in real estate to obtain rental revenues can lead various legal ordeals. Do not jeopardize the value of your asset because of a poorly settled dispute. Stack the odds in your favour and consider our team of lawyers specialized in residential and commercial leases.

Leases and the Québec Housing Authority

(Régie du logement)

Our team of lawyers specialized in Real Estate Law are at your disposal to guide you in disputes concerning residential and commercial leases.

Residential leases

In matters regarding residential leases, our lawyers are able to assist both landlords or tenants in front of the Rental Board (the Régie du logement), or, in appeal, before the Court of Québec.

We namely undertake cases involving:

  • Collection of unpaid rent;
  • Failure by the tenant or the landlord to respect their obligations;
  • Condition of the dwelling;
  • The repossession of the rental premises and eviction;
  • Fixing conditions of a lease;
  • Renewal and modification of lease;
  • Termination of the lease;
  • Eviction of a lessee;
  • Assignment of a Lease or Subleasing;
  • Expropriation of leased property;
  • Etc.

Commercial leases

Our lawyers also have experience drawing up commercial leases as well as taking on cases involving complaints pertaining to the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords by virtue of a lease or the Civil Code of Québec.

We namely handle cases involving:

  • The collection of unpaid rent;
  • The end of a lease or its automatic renewal;
  • The repossession of the rented premises due to a usage change;
  • The illegal use of the rented premises.

Beside injunctions and monetary claims, we are familiar with appeals regarding lease terminations and expulsion from premises.

For any residential or commercial disputes, seek legal advice from our lawyers.

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