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“An injustice committed anywhere is a threat to justice in the entire world.”- Martin Luther King Jr.


For more than 20 years, Me Marie-Pierre Charland has been practising law and has been extensively involved in the litigation process. Real Estate Law (latent defects, construction, etc.) remains her preferred choice, yet she is not any less active in other areas of specialization. She has many court appearances to her credit, in front of the Québec Court of Appeal as well as other  major Québec tribunals, such as the Superior Court, the Court of Québec, the Québec Administrative Tribunal, and the Régie du logement du Québec (the Québec Housing Authority).

Drawing on her extensive experience, her knowledge base and her know-how, Me Marie-Pierre Charland is also a Civil and Commercial Mediator accredited by the Québec Bar Association.

From her earliest years at university, she has successfully distinguished herself by demonstrating the ease with which she clearly discusses and defends her ideas with opposing parties and by defending her opinions in a consistent, coherent and structured manner.

Providing a detailed, logical and practical analysis of each and every component constituting the burden of proof and a concrete explanation of any given situation are among her greatest strengths. Me Marie-Pierre Charland is an inspiring example of the art of effortlessly arguing the complex terms of the Law.

Her process is a simple one: she closely scrutinizes the different angles of a situation in order to unearth essential evidence in her client’s favour. Argumentation becomes indispensable for conveying a clearly interpreted message without ambiguity.

“Throughout the entire process, my client is able to see the reality of his situation from a number of different angles which provides him reassurance and allows him to make the right decision”, states Me Marie-Pierre Charland.

Reliable, trustworthy, available and dedicated, Me Marie-Pierre Charland delivers crystal-clear messages which are highly esteemed by her clients.

Make your point of view heard and ask your most sensitive questions! Me Marie-Pierre Charland will share her extensive legal knowledge with you while simultaneously maintaining an overall view of the situation in order to settle your case while putting your mind at rest.

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