Our conciliatory yet firm approach allows us to serve the interests of our clients while limiting costs.

Family Law

If there is an area of practice in which we have ample experience, it is in Family Law. In this respect, our firm has handled many complex and highly contentious and complex cases.

A process full of emotions and challenges

Divorce or separation are challenging and involve the reorganization of several aspects of one’s life, namely:

  • the custody of children;
  • the payment of alimony for the children and/or the spouse;
  • the division of movable and immovable assets;
  • the division of debts.

Whether parties are married or in a common-law union, the issues surrounding a divorce or separation are complex and demanding.

A conciliatory approach…

In the context of legal proceedings, we favorize a conciliatory approach.

We are open to alternative methods of conflict resolution to reach an amicable agreement in the interests of both our clients and their children, in order to keep the family at peace and reduce the costs and delays of a trial before a judge.

Some spouses are able reach an agreement in family mediation and our firm can assist them to obtain a divorce judgement based on a drafted agreement.

… yet firm

However, when a spouse is acting in bad faith or an amicable agreement is impossible, we will defend the interests of our clients by demonstrating the necessary firmness and determination required in such cases.

Our firm can also help you stabilize your situation by going to court for emergency measures.

Family situations in constant evolution

Often, the parties’ family or financial situation may change, which necessitates the revision of custody or alimony terms.

When such a significant change occurs, our team can take the necessary legal actions to obtain a judgment revising the custody and alimony terms.

Our specialized attorneys are devoted to supporting you.

An experienced and dedicated team

Our family lawyer, Émilie Chevrier, is surrounded by a team of multidisciplinary professionals.

Teamwork is often a necessity in complex family law files, which further require the combination of other legal expertise, namely:

  • in business law where spouses are joint shareholders of a business, or
  • in bankruptcy law when a spouse is facing financial difficulty.

We will also be able to assess the advisability of hiring an accountant, a chartered appraiser, an actuary or a tax expert.

Receive a legal opinion

We will listen and give the legal advice specifically catered to your situation.
We will take care to guide you to other services that exist, such as:

  • Family mediation
  • Registration Assistance Service (SAH)
  • Child Support Adjustment Administrative Service (SARPA)
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