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“Making the law understandable to the layman is near and dear to me! Clear, concise language leads to a better understanding of the Law and makes the client’s participation that much easier.” Me Émilie Chevrier


Me Émilie Chevrier began her litigation practice in a leading Insurance Law firm and she also worked as a generalist lawyer in the area of legal communication.

Me Émilie Chevrier joined Barrette & Associates at the beginning of the year 2016 and now devotes her litigation practice to Family Law, Inheritance Law, Insurance Law and Civil Law. On a daily basis, she negotiates agreements, drafts legal proceedings and represents her clients before the Courts in Québec.

Calm and caring, Me Émilie Chevrier accompanies her clients in situations which can sometimes be highly emotional ones. Her active listening skills, her ability to simplify complex legal concepts and her appreciation for organization make her a caring lawyer who is greatly respected by her clientele.

Me Émilie Chevrier’s human approach to situations fosters amicable settlement agreements when the context allows for this.

Me Émilie Chevrier is available to advise and represent you and to defend your rights with rigour, determination and professionalism. Together, you will find the solution best adapted to your needs.

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