Our experience in matters regarding Estate liquidation, the duties of a liquidator, as well as the verification or the contestation of a will is extensive.


Since 1987, we have regularly and constantly handled cases involving disputes in the field of Inheritance Law.

Our services in matters of inheritance law

  • Verification or contestation of a will;
  • Death without a will;
  • Responsibilities and duties of a liquidator;
  • Inheritance disputes;
  • Liquidation of an estate.

Our experience in inheritance disputes

Our team of lawyers have solid experience in matters concerning the liquidation of estates and representation of heirs in inheritance disputes;

A liquidator’s shortcomings

We have extensive experience in liquidation and problems arising with a liquidator who refuses or neglects to fulfill his duties to the heirs.
We have regularly assisted heirs in resolving their disputes with a liquidator who refuses or neglects to fulfill his obligations and duties.
The most common faults we have dealt with relate specifically to:

  • The obligation to do a rending of accounts;
  • The obligation to produce an inventory;
  • The sale of the assets of an estate under fair and reasonable conditions;
  • The liquidation of the assets amongst heirs.

Appropriation of assets

Some of our cases have also involved a liquidator unrightfully taking possession of the estate’s property, compelling us to institute measures to protect the estate’s assets through seizures before judgment, safeguard orders or injunctions.

Get all the relevant information and advice to answer your questions

We have been asked numerous questions and have answered them with our clients’ best interests in mind, namely:

  • Does a holograph will, or one made in the presence of witnesses respect the conditions of validity set forth in the Civil Code of Québec?
  • Did the testator have the required mental capacity to make a will?
  • Was the testator unduly influenced while making their will?
  • Has an heir conducted himself in such an unworthy or shameful manner to the point of losing his right to inherit?
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