Our approach

We promote a pragmatic approach for a swift and low-cost resolution for each of our cases, always with our clientele’s best interests in mind. Our initial concern is one of addressing the issues, setbacks and conflicts our clients may be facing. Our attorneys are also top-notch litigants who have had the opportunity to plead cases in front of various civil and administrative instances, at times, among the highest thereof: the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.


Our multidisciplinary teams

Since each one of our attorneys has developed a specific area of expertise corresponding to his or her individual interests, we tend to favour teamwork and optimize the speed and efficiency of services offered to our clientele which allows us to offer advantageous rates. We are continually on the outlook for the latest research and legal publications and are constantly updating our knowledge base.


Trust and transparency

We are well aware of the importance of informing our clients of the various options open to them as well as the risks and repercussions on the human and financial level regarding the situations they are facing and the decisions they must make. We are well-known and respected for our transparency.

We give careful consideration to our clients’ needs and we take the time to understand their activities, strategic issues and expectations. Furthermore, we assure our clients of our availability and fully understand that their needs are occasionally urgent ones. This is why, thanks to our proactive approach, we are able to offer solutions without delay.